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HDDSR 605 – Version 04.06 Owners Discussion

Starting the morning of Wednesday February 16, HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 receivers will begin to be updated from Current Version 00.13 to 04.06.

The overall usage and look/feel of the system is unchanged with this download. 04.06 for the HDDSR 605 includes a few new and updated features and further stability and performance enhancements.

We’ve prepared some FAQ and detailed information on this update.

When will I receive the update?
The upgrade will be deployed gradually starting the afternoon of February 15. When you see a “Target Version” on line I of System Status (OPTIONS 4-7), your receiver will be upgraded automatically around 2:10AM local time. The upgrade will occur regardless of whether the receiver is left on or off and should take less than an hour to complete.

If your receiver has not been targeted, it is not possible to force the update. All units will be targeted and upgraded over the coming days.

Will all my reminders and settings migrate to the new version?

What has changed with this download for the HDDSR 605?
Nearly all parts of the software have been refined for a smoother and more consistent experience. Highlights include:
  • Tuning Rebuild – Audio/video are now presented much faster when turning on the receiver or changing channels.
  • Cast Tab – The HDDSR 605 now includes expanded Cast information in the middle tab when pressing INFO.
  • Instant PPV in Advance – Pay Per View programs can now be purchased in advance by selecting “Purchase and auto-tune this airing”. PPV messaging has been enhanced to be more informative.
  • Parental Controls – The experience with Parental Controls enabled should be more stable, with occurrences of the “false PIN” screen reduced and no more “No Data” blocks for programs that cross the GMT boundary.
  • Guide changes – Channel lineup changes (like new channels being launched) will now appear within 60 minutes, or immediately by turning the receiver off and back on. A Front Panel Reset should no longer be required to fix missing or duplicated channels in your Guide.
  • LIVE and 3D programs now have an icon in the Guide. “Live” programs will now be included when selecting “Set a reminder for new episodes”. Note that these icons do not appear in the full-screen INFO pages.
  • Search Enhancements – Interests Search genres are now sorted in correct alphabetical order when the language is set to French; Programs beginning with accented characters are no longer grouped at the bottom of the results list; and programs with accented characters can now be properly searched.
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