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Totally hear you on the analogy! haha. Our cable finally goes away officially next Monday. I've only used it a couple times on the weekends for Setanta (which i'll sub to online after next week)

We've been using an OTA antenna to record shows off CTV with much success. It covers about 30% of the shows my wife watches.

Netflix (usa) is filling in the "entertain me" gaps that cable tv used to. My wife also uses hulu plus to watch her favorite shows like Bones and House.

I think she's actually more excited about the whole experiment than I am. I guess I can stop calling it an experiment as we're not going back to traditional cable.

One thing I did learn this week is if you cancel your cable and then try to sell a Rogers box that you've owned, you actually can't take the box off your account until the cable cancellation goes through. I ran into this on Friday and they won't let me take the box off my account so the purchaser can activate it. He has to wait until my cable officially cancels next week.

I told Rogers to make a note on my account that this is another reason I won't be coming back - all the red tape.

Keep us posted in how it goes
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