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Work within the laws to become compliant? Were they not supposed to be compliant from the beginning? Did the CRTC tell them several times they were not compliant? This is not just about wireless, the rules can not be bent at a whim? And I have it from people in wind that wind is running on a skeleton staff, but the fact that they are swamped NOW does not explain why the call centers were outsourced months ago. Indirect equity? Orascom owns the equipment. Orascom bought the equipment, Orascom shipped the equipment and Orascom paid to have the equipment installed. .. So yes Orascom owns it. As far as being bought by the big 3.. That is a grey area while they can not go to Globalive and buy it from them.. it can be bought from the creditor. See that way you can go around the law and get it. hey! its good enough for Wind as you say. Now why would the government buy Wind? I mean there are provisions in place if you do not comply. You would have the government run wind until they sell it? Interesting idea.. flawed but interesting.

What I have to ask is.. you seem to agree that Wind broke the rules and you want someone to bail them out. Why is this?

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