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DoubleC's got it. Apartments and Condos in the downtown core of Toronto would be what really helps their numbers. My building is a mid-rise with about 100 units, so that's 100 'homes' just in one building... and it's only 11 stories. There is a building a stones throw from mine that much be 30 floors, and probably has more per floor... so there's another 500. There's another building just behind mine that would have about another 300.

So we're close to one of those 1000's right there and that's just in my building and two neighbouring buildings.... All would be about the same distance from a fibre node, so I'm sure they all are fibe-capable.

There's another 10 or so very tall (20-30 floors) buildings closeby. And don't forget about all the waterfront condos in the downtown area.

Keep in mind that in Toronto there are many more apartments with singles than you may find in the suburbs where there are families living 4-5 to a house. I would say that the ratio of units (homes) to people is much close to 1:1 then out in the burbs.

It doesn't surprise me that many areas in Etobicoke weren't launch sites, but 2012 isn't too far off at least!
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