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Cool Welcome to the Board.

Originally Posted by schwartzwest View Post
I would really appreciate someone's help here.

The posted diagram shows a quad LNB feeding 2 Eagle Aspen multi-switches, each via 4 2-way splitters. A 2-input sat receiver is fed through a 2-way splitter off one of the multi-switch outputs.

Does this mean that if I have a quad LNB feeding a single Eagle Aspen multi-switch, I can take one of the outputs and feed a 2-way splitter into a 2-input sat receiver (a 530)?

Previous posts have indicated a 2-way splitter won't work to feed a 2-input receiver, but those only addressed lines coming directly off a quad LNB.

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Board.

Here's a Quick version of what you can do off a Quad LNB. You can take each output from the LNB and feed into a Tuner of a Reciever. A PVR Reciever has 2 Tuners so it needs 2 Feed Cables from the Quad LNB. So therefore you can feed one PVR (a 530 or 630) and another PVR, or 2 single tuner reciever (505 or 605s for HD) with a PVR.

Now if you involve a single Multiswitch it needs all 4 of the outputs of the LNB but gives you the ability to drive up to 8 Tuners (and no I'm not going through all those permutations ). You still need to feed 2 of these lines directly into the inputs of your 530 PVR. You cannot split Sat signals and use one cable to feed both inputs into a PVR (a 530 or 630).

To me this is one of the real limitations of this technology, but the benefits outweigh it. I expect some day SD will learn how to multiplex it's signals bi-directionally at the dish into a single cable and let you peel them off as needed. Having to run 2 cables to each TV (where you want a PVR) in an already built house is somewhat punitive.

But then maybe I'm dreaming...

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