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I love the idea of being able to order individual channels... unfortunately the only one offered that I'd be interested in is probably the one that I could do without: Mystery channel, which plays a lot of shows that I already own on DVD or through slightly less legal means.

I'm currently just signed up for the Essentials package, but man, getting the first month with *everything* for free is tempting me a lot... which I suppose is the idea. But really, of all the premium channels only offered in bundles, there are only three I watch regularly:

Showcase (I love me some Cancon)
Sportsnet Vancouver (for Canucks games- ideally I'd like to get Flames and Habs games too but eh, I can live with just watching them when they show up on HNiC)
Space (I'm a giant scifi nerd)

So that'd be a grand total of $21 ($23 if we include the a la carte Mystery Channel) for, basically, three/four channels. "Popular Choices" *might* be worth it as A&E/TLC are my go-to channels when I'm watching TV out of boredom and there's nothing interesting on my "usual" channels, but other than that... eh. Will wait and hope that somewhere along the line more individual channels are offered.

Edit: Of course, on the other hand... due to the comedy of errors that was getting my TV service installed in the first place + that CRTC rebate, I have a total of $131.25 that can go towards my bill... which is $30 for the first six months, $40 for the next six. So that's four months paid for right there. Or... I could give in and put that towards ordering those premium channels for at least a few months, since I did budget for $30/month after all.

So, what would you do? Pocket the savings and put them towards something else? (like a new TV. oh god, it's just *sad* that I have a potentially sweet media setup with my XBox 360 + Desktop + Plentiful External HDs + Digital TV... and a sad little 24" CRT television to use it all with). Or turn around and put it back into the cable subscription?

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