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CTV National News

Most nights we watch the headlines and a couple of lead stories on the CTV News with Lisa but over the last few months something has changed. It has become a social media network type program. Odd selection of stories...odd placement of stories...incomplete stories that are mostly headlines. Trying to become a conversational news cast like the terrible CBC National news. Does anyone watch CBC news? Promotion of CTV web site for further details....what is most annoying is the host giving comments between stories with all the appropriate facial movements in her now matronly fashion. As one famous Dragnet actor used to say "just the facts" I guess in todays world the news is just entertainment and no longer the news.
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Conversational news indeed!
I don't know why anybody bothers watching so-called "national" newscasts anymore, because "local" newscasts are regurgitating so many stories from out of market that everything's turning into a mishmash of garbage.
Unsurprising that there's a tendency towards making conventional newscasts more like (useless) social media feeds: rampant employee turnover in broadcasting means more inexperienced millennials are influencing what's being produced.

What bugs me is how degenerative things have gotten with respect to objectivity. CTV doesn't even bother mentioning that most of its staff is represented by Unifor anymore, when reporting on anything about that union. And I keep seeing b-roll video with blatant Bell logo placement, as if Bell Media employees are given bonuses for each time they sneak a Bell logo into a newscast. In the last 24 hours, CTV [News] Kitchener aired multiple shots of a house where the picture was obviously framed to draw attention to some Bell satellite TV dishes that had absolutely nothing to do with the report. Then another voice-over-tape clip about the bad weather clearly was selected to intentionally focus on a Bell van driving along a snowy road. Yeah, there's no way these are always coincidences.
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Does anyone routinely watch much national TV news any more? Maybe if there's a massive story going down.

But even if one catches the headlines and lead story, that's not generating any revenue for private channels, as presumably one is gone before the first commercial.

That said, both the 6 pm and 11 pm CTV news are consistently in the weekly TV ratings - so there are one to two million watching. The demographics would be interesting. What kind of commercials do they air - I don't think I've stuck around long enough to notice in a decade or two. http://en.numeris.ca/media-and-events/tv-weekly-top-30
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In the last 20 years, news programming has deteriorated from a public service to a just another profit centre. Budgets and staff have been slashed and inexperienced staff barely able to create or read copy occupy many stations news programs. The news programming at the local station here would make Ron Burgundy cringe. Instead of investigate reporters we now get people who look for "news" on social media. Instead of verifying sources they rush to report the latest trending or sensational posts. Instead of informed editorial we now get news personalities sitting around espousing uninformed or bigoted opinion and, sometimes, outright lies. Driven by the need to create higher ratings, real news is pushed aside for puff pieces and populist rhetoric. Late night talk show monologues are more reliable. At least they don't pretend its real news and it's good for a few laughs.
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Investigative reporting is expensive, innane garbage is cheap. People also tend to react more to human interest stories than real news. So that's what we get.

News was always a business, don't kid yourself and pretend otherwise. The difference now is that in the past people paid for quality journalism, and now they don't. So we get what does pay the bills instead.

It's really no better here in NB. We have CBC (which is actually local), the Irving owned newspapers (basically every English one), the French newspaper (which is not Irving owned), the Halifax evening news CTV passes off as "local", and whatever Global is doing these days. Fortunately CBC Radio has a pretty good morning show, because that's the only place you're getting indepth news about provincial political news unless Irving wants something.
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Originally Posted by ExDilbert View Post
Instead of investigate reporters we now get people who look for "news" on social media.
I've personally witnessed this on more than one occasion. 'Seen examples of CTV News employees soliciting for people to interview (or even open-ended requests for story ideas) through social media because, y'know, if you're not on social media, you don't exist.

Cream-of-the-crap: CTV Kitchener now has a "top stories" recap segment near the end of its weeknight 6:00PM newscast, where they specifically mention which story has the most number of views on their website. Zero context, no relevance, just pure self-fulfilling sensationalism. Oh, but they include a scrolling clip of their website, which usually highlights an ad for something else owned by Bell. Yippee capitalism!
Hey CTV: I don't care which particular story is trending on your website during your obscenely short news cycle; just because some other dummies fell for your clickbait, that doesn't make me want to go read it, especially not after I just finished watching it on TV!!!

Focusing on the original topic, I've often wondered why CBC still calls their show "The National". Half the time, they have extensive reporting on current affairs in foreign countries... might as well call it "The International" instead.
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I much prefer the National over the CTV news. It is called the National because it has world news that might be of interest to this nation as well as major local stories. I also think that part of the National is more in depth segments as well as wide ranging views on Canadian stories such as the At Issue panel. I also like that many times they send people to the major sights to give the local points of view, like Adrienne Arsenault in Venezuela rather than totally relying on American Reporters.
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I too prefer a national news vs a local news. There is really no more local news unless you live in one of the big metropolitan cities. So for me its not easy to find out whats going on in the local community by watching Toronto News. I live OUTSIDE of toronto. There ARE news casts that cater to my regional municipality but they are indeed low budget and no one really watches them and no one really cares to watch them because all the big trend now a days is for people to get their news fix from facebook and social media. You think the national news casts are bad for reporting wait till you hear how millennials are getting their news fix. They do not watch news on TV period and rely only what they see shared on facebook or twitter or instagram or one of those social media sites. Its perplexing and mind boggling. I know its garbage because back when I was a user of social media, someone posted a link to an amber alert about a missing kid, however the kid was reported found and safe already yet the millennial decided to share the link to help find the kid meanwhile the kid was was no longer missing and was safe. TV news networks rarely do this, atleast they do their homework, Facebook is ruining how we consume news and media
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All news programming in Canada and even the U.S. seems to have gone downhill VERY fast.

CTV is not a credible news source anymore - the stories are just reading CP, AP, or Reuters stories. Just look at there "news" website and it is all sourced elsewhere. The rest is just fluff and advertising. W5 use to be a good show, now it is just the same junk like hiding cameras on car dealerships, car repair garages, or people doing work on your house and showing the few dishonest places.

We don't have a free and open media in Canada - we poke fun at countries like North Korea with state controlled media, but corporate controlled "big brother" media is just as bad. People like to mock Donald Trump when he slings "Fake News" around, but he does have a point (just his targets are different then mine).

It will be interesting what the future of news is - the way it is going, it will be a bunch of bots in Russia telling us what to think on social media.
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Originally Posted by Inglewood View Post
W5 use to be a good show, now it is just the same junk like hiding cameras on car dealerships, car repair garages, or people doing work on your house and showing the few dishonest places.
Is it just me, or does Victor Malarek look like a pantomime monster from an old timey black & white silent film?

Here's a perfect example of the fine journalism coming from CTV, today: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/receipt...tudy-1.4287995
this scares the bejeebers out of me
-- seriously, CTV? seriously?? this qualifies as news?

LOL! Then I noticed there's a button at the bottom of the article "Report Error" where one can report spelling, or more amusingly, factual errors to CTV. So very tempting.
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LOL...I use to like Victor's stories, but they are so bad lately, he should get into pantomime...

Enjoy the story - nothing like a good "scare" click-bait story with no facts presented. They are probably trying to get Bell customers to stop getting printed statements in the mail...always a reason for a story developed in house for corporate on CTV.
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Personally I enjoy watching CTV and CBC news channels. I get to know what is going on in Canada and around the world.
Just today I watched CBC reporter reporting directly from Venezuela so they do have people traveling around the world and are not getting all of their news from other sources.
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Are CTV, CBC, etc. any worse than BBC news repeatedly doing a story on a woman in a car accident
who expected flowers, chocolates, a personal apology or whatever from some poor old senior.
Right up there with the latest about M.Markle's publicity hungry father.
Is it really important the world knows what these people have to say?
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I watch The National on CBC. I miss Peter some, but I like the anchors well enough and feel like I am getting facts, not spin. You have to spend some time in a place like Dallas to know just how wretched US newscasts can get, it is truly awful. The CBC reports US political news more clearly than almost all US news outlets do.

Rob T
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I find both the CBC and CTV national news too Ontario-centric, way too much about things happening in Ontario that the rest of the country could care less about.

Also, CTV news has a lot of fluff stories on celebrities which I have zero interest in.

Pretty much encapsulates what is happening to all tv programming, 90% of it is horrible and the commercials pretty much make a lot of shows unwatchable.
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