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I assume the US main networks plus PBS.
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ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX & PBS. It would be shorter and simpler to say "5" but they prefer "4+1". I believe years back for a period they were referred to "3+1", as in three of the four commercial networks and PBS.

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I think some of you may forget that some of the BDU's have to pay for carriage of the 4+1 because they can only receive it from either Bell or SHAW, while Rogers on the other hand gets it OTA from their own receive sites. Rogers can offer it for free while Sasktel cannot.
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BDUs also negotiate carriage fees with US stations. All BDUs must do this with US stations whether they are Canadian or US based. It's not a high cost but it's not trivial either. Last I heard it was about 25 to 50 cents per subscriber.
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@ExDilbert I believe that is incorrect. There is a standardized fee for Canadian channels, but I think it only applies to distant locals. I'm not sure what the reference to the Copyright Board means in the CRTC policy. U.S. providers have to negotiate to carry U.S. locals and the fee there is typically over $1 per channel and sometimes results in blackouts when negotiations stall. That so-called "fee for service" has been rejected in Canada.
U.S. 4+1 signals - These services are already available for free over the air in most major Canadian markets near the border and should continue to be made available to BDU subscribers as part of the entry-level service offering. Subscribers in many markets have become accustomed to these services and have come to expect them as part of the entry-level service offering. Moreover, the inclusion of these services should not significantly increase the price of the entry-level service offering as there is no fee for the retransmission of these services separate from the single tariff set by the Copyright Board. Accordingly, BDUs may provide a set of these services as part of the entry-level service offering.
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You are most likely correct. I was thinking of the copyright tariff which falls under the Canada-US copyright agreement. The bottom line is that US stations do get paid even if it is not fee for carriage.

I thought fee for carriage was enacted, at least briefly, but never actually used by any broadcasters.
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US broadcast networks. NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX plus PBS.
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Originally Posted by Dr.Dave View Post
Regarding Mascon and Stingray, it looks like their Digital Starter is not CRTC compliant, although they could offer a CRTC compliant package by removing Stingray and The Shopping Channel and offer it in addition to their Digital Starter (as long as it is under $25.)
This is the part I don't understand:
27. For clarity, the Commission notes that BDUs will not be prevented from providing a first-tier offering that includes other discretionary services (e.g. children’s services, pay audio services or mainstream sports services) as an alternative first-tier offering, provided that they also offer the entry-level service offering described above. However, BDUs will not be allowed to require subscribers to buy any services other than those in the entry-level service offering to access any other services or packaging options. In other words, a subscriber who opts for the entry-level service offering may not be prohibited from also subscribing to discretionary services either on a pick-and-pay or small package basis.
So, you're saying that offering a starter tier that's skinny basic plus something else isn't allowed, but offering skinny basic, and then skinny basic plus something else for the same price, is?

It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If the service is skinny basic compliant in terms of what it has and price, they're not allowed to add other things to it, but they are allowed to make another plan and offer that?
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Yep. So, for example, Mascon could remove Stingray and The Shopping Channel, increase the price of that to $25 and call it skinny basic while still offering their Digital Starter for $20. I don't know why they would want to unless it was an effort to make the regs look silly
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will i be able to choose channels only and not theme packs? How will I get Stingray Music?
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I don't think that the CRTC would go after Mascon unless they received a complaint. As a small company, they probably don't have the expertise to properly review the CRTC policies. If they decided to introduce a CRTC Skinny Basic, it would probably be at the same price, since the cost of Stingray is quite small and I think TSC is either free or perhaps they even pay cable operators to carry it.

As a point of reference, the entire cost of the mandatory specialty channels is under $1.50/month. It varies slightly because there are different channels for English and French areas.

I looked up the Copyright Board fee and it is 98 cents per month which covers all distant TV channels. The U.S. commercial channels get less than 1 cent of that through BBI.
EDIT: Less than 10 cents goes to CRRA which administers retransmission royalties for programs owned by broadcasters: CBC/SRC, Télé-Québec, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

The rest of the cost of Skinny Basic goes to build and maintain the cable network, back office operations, customer support, etc.

@ParamountChris It will depend on Shaw. They will probably keep the theme packs and implement full pick and pay in December, although they may have to make the theme packs smaller. Shaw will have to allow an add-on or add-ons for Stingray and the other channels that aren't in Skinny Basic, since the CRTC rules say that Skinny Basic subscribers must be able to add any additional channels.

Last edited by Dr.Dave; 2016-02-01 at 02:40 PM. Reason: Added more detail
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What i would like to know is if you can add a U.S. channel without having to link it with a Canadian channel.
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@thenewdc I think the CRTC removed that requirement for pick and pay / pick your own package. The BDU still has to offer at least 50% Canadian channels. I'm not sure if there is a requirement for BDU-assembled theme packs. I did a quick search and found this for third-language services:
BDUs that offer pre-assembled packages of such services will be required to ensure that each non-Canadian third-language service is offered in a 1:1 ratio with a Canadian ethnic or third-language service operating in the same language, where available.
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Cable companies mum on pick-and-pay and cheaper 'skinny' TV packages

CRTC ruling forces cable companies to offer low-cost option starting March 1

By Sophia Harris, CBC News
Posted: Feb 02, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Feb 02, 2016 5:00 AM ET

In less than a month, big changes are coming that will usher in a new era of pick-and-pay television. But it appears none of the major cable and satellite TV companies wants to talk about it.

CBC News examined many of the big TV provider websites — from Rogers to Bell to Shaw to Telus. We couldn't find any information about the low-cost, "skinny" basic TV package or added pick-and-pay channel deals they must offer by March 1.

The silence is frustrating some customers who are eager to learn more.
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PnP is not required until December:

From post 22:

By December 2016, viewers will be able to subscribe to channels on a pick-and-pay basis as well as in small packages.

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