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“corporate executives who own luxury yachts and private helicopters”

So amidst all the posturing from their parent company's corporate executives, CTV Kitchener is now positioning itself to be an opportunistic fill-in for the loss of The Guelph Mercury newspaper.

Hmm, how convenient when they need to impress the CRTC in order to keep broadcasting. Problem is, they're treating this just like another passing fad. Putting a "Guelph" button at the top of the station's website, where they've also previously put silly temporary stuff like "Falcon Cam" is doing nothing to increase coverage of Guelph news stories. The specific "Guelph" news page is basically nothing but what anybody would find by just searching the CTV Kitchener site for keyword "Guelph". And anyone paying attention would have noticed long ago that news from Guelph is occasional at best, on CTV Kitchener. If something big is breaking, they'll be there, but other than that, the Guelph market is mostly ignored. Whenever they do happen to send someone to cover news in Guelph, it's very noticeable that a bunch of smaller Guelph news items are shown during the same newscast -- gee, they only cover Guelph when it's handy? What a shocker!

Nice try, Bell. Your regional director based out of CTV London can pat himself on the back for this one.
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It looks like Bell is trying to kill both the London and Kitchener stations - if you have Bell Satellite in those areas, and move the Starter package (skinny basic), they give you CTV Toronto and CTV2 from Barrie...
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I would think a couple of letters to the CRTC would produce an edict to cease and desist on this and to instate the correct feeds. In Bells defence it may just be lazy programming for what the website displays.

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Agreed with LONSat above. If I understand the CRTC rules on "skinny basic" correctly, they are supposed to provide the local channels. Toronto is not local enough to substitute for London.
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post #50 of 216 (permalink) Old 2016-03-03, 07:58 PM
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Thumbs down junk journalism

Today, in the "Around Ontario" section of news clips on the CTV Kitchener website, I noticed one titled "London: Searching for the best pizza in the city" -- apparently a multi-part investigative series. Uh huh.
So, "pizza wars" qualifies as news at CTV Two London? Stunning.
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post #51 of 216 (permalink) Old 2016-03-04, 03:19 PM
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@mr.eous - it probably is an advertorial paid for by local pizza places.

Journalism is sad these days! Especially at the small CTV channels. Beyond the weather and sports stories, I find that a good 50-75% of the local news on these channels is something to do with a new business, trying to get you interested in buying something, or not locally produced advertorials.

Would like to see the CRTC force these channels to have real news to fill their news requirements. I was watching CHCH the other night and they were bragging about the hours of news coverage they still produce! Including commercial time! What a joke...and I actually consider CHCH a little better than CKCO and CFPL...
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post #52 of 216 (permalink) Old 2016-06-16, 12:32 PM
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Hey, my favourite topic: bashing CTV London's newscast. The only reason I try to tune in is to get some local news coverage, although I can get that on pretty much any local radio station with far less irritation. Either way, I never go past 6:30 and always switch over to NBC at that time. To say that the newscast looks low-rent is an understatement. I'm glad they brought back the news desk, but the SD broadcast and dour set make Rogers Cable 13 look like CNN. Tara Overholt isn't awful and fairly easy on the eyes, but she's very error-prone and two-dimensional. She has pretty decent chemistry with Norm James and Julie Atchison, but is usually pretty stiff. Julie is the only ray of light on the program as she's very relaxed, has a nice smile and seems to genuinely enjoy what she does. The cost-cutting at the station is pretty obvious in that they'll throw anyone in front of the green screen to do the weather when Julie is off. Even poor Sean Irvine has had to fumble his way through that department. Worst of all though, is the utterly nauseating, over-pronouncing Cara Campbell. Obviously, this girl works cheap because they've thrown her on the anchor desk, weather, road reporting and now sports! She's sickening to listen to and I can't reach for the remote control fast enough to change the channel. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. She also seems to disappear for long periods of time before unfortunately popping up again (part-time?).
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post #53 of 216 (permalink) Old 2016-10-10, 04:00 PM
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slaves to Bell's self-publicity machine

Not being a regular viewer of London news, I'm curious how CTV Two London treated their sister radio station's flip to the corporate-influenced Virgin format, four years ago.
Here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Bell homogenized to the Virgin brand a few months ago, and they're still using CTV News to insert nauseating promos. But this takes the cake: today's nationally televised Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day parade was leveraged as a promotional tool for Bell's local radio rebranding. I counted at least three times during the packaged broadcast that they intentionally cut to off-topic smalltalk with the inane agenda-pushers on the Virgin Radio float, that itself was completely uninspiring and out-of-place with the thanksgiving holiday theme. I'm surprised they didn't go further and say it, too, was "brought to you by..." The Source, CraveTV, eTalk/The Social, etc.
Also amusing that they've chosen to brand it as a "Kitchener" station when the studios are actually in Waterloo.
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Aren't the CKCO studios across the street from the hospital on King St in Kitchener?!

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post #55 of 216 (permalink) Old 2016-10-10, 06:30 PM
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^^ Sorry, I meant to say that the affiliated radio station has, since 1994, been based out of the second floor of 255 King Street North in Waterloo, yet is now heavily branded as Virgin Radio Kitchener.
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I enjoy Kelda Yuen and Tara Overholt. I sometimes watch the Kitchener news at well on the other CTV channel, and notice too many new faces.
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Sports cut at CTV London

Sports to be cut at CTV London | The London Free Press

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Thumbs down

^^ Predictable. CTV Kitchener, too: Local sports cut at CTV station in Kitchener

Well, Bell's gotta pay for that $854 million project somehow...
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Don't worry, they'll be back on the air in no time via that massive increase in revenue by charging bars higher TSN/Sportsnet rates!!!! The untold story was this increase wasn't meant as a short term corporate grab but as a long term investment in local programming, sure, they had to fire some folks but think of the publicity when they rehire them at 1/8th their salary as interns providing YOUTH DREAM JOBS.
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The future is that Bell will start producing all there newscasts in one location - the anchor(s) would just read/record stories through the day, and are patched together by a producer into a 30/60 minute newscast by relevance to the market it is broadcast in. The only person needed locally would be someone to maintain the broadcast tower (until Bell decides to get rid of OTA to force you to buy Bell Satellite or Fibe).

For example, the London newscast would be filmed in Toronto (or any other centralized corporate location), with the same team that would do the newscasts from St. John's all the way to Victoria. Stories that could be shared would be put on multiple or all newscasts.

Segments like weather would just have the weather person film one city, move on to the next, add in some local photos submitted by local viewers to make it appear "local". Or Bell could just buy the Weather Network and use them for local segments.

Sports could just be a segment of TSN highlights.

All stations could air junk like "tech segments" that are advertorials for new tech products at The Source store near you, or any other stories that advertisers would like to pay for.

In markets where Bell radio stations exist, have the news reporters on double duty reading the same story for radio and TV, and provide a few images or stock film.

Anything else could be done by interns/students looking to get experience for the few jobs that will exist when they graduate.
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