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Bell Media launches "TV Everywhere" live streaming & on demand

Finally, instead of monopolizing streaming of its channels through its wireless services, Bell is doing what it should have done in the first place by adopting the "TV Everywhere" model used by many U.S. channels, where access is regulated by participating service providers, beginning with the Bravo Go app.

CTV, CTV News, TSN, RDS and Discovery are also on the way. (Hopefully they follow the lead of ESPN and call the TSN one "WatchTSN" instead)
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Bravo GO Now Available on Source Cable

Hamilton-based cable company Source Cable launches Bravo GO

Bell Media’s Bravo and Source Cable announced today that Bravo GO is available to Source Cable subscribers effective immediately. At no additional cost, Source Cable customers with a subscription to Bravo now have unprecedented access to one of the fastest-growing television channels on their tablets, smart phones, and computer screens.

Bravo GO features a live stream of the Bravo broadcast channel, a VOD library of its current series including DALLAS, SUITS, WHITE COLLAR, and GRACELAND, as well as a VOD library of past Bravo series, including all three seasons of THE BORGIAS. The first Canadian broadcaster to provide this type of unparalleled access to viewers, Bell Media expects to launch even more TV Everywhere products in the coming months.

“Bell Media is pleased to team up with Source Cable to continue its mission to provide its signature programs to viewers on demand,” said Catherine MacLeod, Senior Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media. “Now, with the addition of Bravo Go, the value of a Bravo subscription for Source Cable’s customers continues to increase. We look forward to working with our partners to make Bravo GO available to all of our subscribers.”

To use Bravo GO, subscribers can log onto and click on “video sign in” or download the Bravo GO app for iOS phones or tablets. Subscribers will be asked to enter the appropriate username and password associated with their TV subscription. Bravo GO for Android users is coming soon.

Press Release.
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CTV GO launches live and ondemand on PCs, smartphones & tablets

Excerpts from the Press Release.

TORONTO (November 18, 2013) – CTV announced today that Canada’s #1 television lineup is now available live and on demand on CTV GO. With an improved viewing experience featuring more than 3,000 hours of on demand programs from Canada’s top TV brand, CTV GO provides viewers the freedom to enjoy favourite CTV and CTV Two programming whenever, wherever, and however they want. Subscribers can enjoy livestreams of both networks’ complete schedules on their smartphones, tablets, and computers with remarkable flexibility and at no additional charge.

With access to some 60 individual program titles available on demand for the 2013/14 season, CTV GO immediately features Canada’s most-watched television programs including THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE AMAZING RACE, GREY’S ANATOMY, MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D, PLAYED, and many more.

For the first time ever, CTV GO features unprecedented access to live special event programming including NFL games, the SUPER BOWL and THE OSCARS, livestreamed on CTV GO at

To use CTV GO:
  • Subscribers can log onto and click on the video link, or download the CTV GO app for iOS or Android phones or tablets.
  • Subscribers will be asked to enter their TV subscription credentials.
  • Existing users of the CTV app will be prompted to update, which will automatically replace it with CTV GO.
“With the launch of CTV GO, thousands of hours of livestreamed and on demand content from CTV are now available,” said Adam Ashton, Senior Vice-President, Business Operations, Bell Media. “It’s a win-win-win as CTV GO strengthens the relationship between broadcaster, BDU and viewer by allowing valued subscribers to take CTV on the go, wherever they may be.”

CTV GO offers a superior viewing experience unlike anything else offered in Canada, with an attractive interface and a fluid, easy-to-navigate user experience. A key feature of Bell Media’s suite of TV Everywhere (TVE) apps is industry-leading technology that automatically delivers the best quality video to each user regardless of their internet connection.

Bell Media partnered with digital agency Digiflare to develop and launch the CTV GO application for Android phone and tablet. For the first time, Android users can now experience their favourite CTV shows wherever they go.

Bell is the first television provider to sign onto CTV GO, making it available to Fibe and Bell Satellite subscribers. Additional TV service providers launching CTV GO will be announced soon.

Earlier this year, TMN GO became the first ever Canadian TVE product from a broadcaster to offer premium on demand programming, followed by the launch of Bravo GO in July. Bell Media will soon launch even more TVE products, including TSN GO, RDS GO, and CTV News GO.

Entire CTV and CTV Two schedules available on the CTV GO Livestream.

Computer Access
Apple App Store
Google Play for the Android app

My comments:
You (currently) have to log in as a Bell Fibe or Satellite subscriber to access the live stream of CTV or CTV Two. It seems the on demand content is available to everyone. You're asked for a service provider, but there is no validation.
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THE MENTALIST Gets a Full-Season Pass on CTV GO

CTV makes THE MENTALIST the first series to get an extended Season Pass – Every episode now on demand, all-season long

All eight episodes and counting are now streaming on demand on CTV GO. Each Monday following their CTV Sunday night premiere, new episodes will be added, ultimately stacking the entire season of episodes through May Sweeps and beyond.
Note that the latest episode appears to be available to everyone - the earlier ones require a login (currently only available to Bell subscribers).
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RE: "At no additional cost"
A hidden but blatant misrepresentation (by providers)

- The cost of the required bandwidth & adequate speed required to download...

Not to forget the cost of hardware to get good PQ & SQ

We will also loose quality, convenience, control & privacy as we are slowly being forced & manipulated into using streaming & cloud based computing...

i.e. Netflix, MS Office 360, Norton online storage

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Nobody is forcing us to use the Internet to stream our content, much like nobody can force us to use credit cards. However, the convenience and widespread use of the Internet and credit cards prove that society is willing to move forward, even though it is indeed risky behaviour.

Companies are trying to monetize the Internet, while many of us go around them and get similar services for free, or at a reduced cost.

So, Bell is now doing what other companies have been doing for quite a while now; that's certainly not surprising.

How else are you going to get "TV Everywhere" without cloud-based computing.

The Internet is coming. You can run from it, but eventually it will catch up to you and seduce you into joining in. Just a few more clicks and you'll be hooked.

The Internet is a terrible thing to waste. Bell is a terrible company. It's a match made in heaven.
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I will truly only be interested in all of these GO services when they are available on streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV. I don't really like to watch TV on a mobile device, but I would certainly be interested in bypassing the horrific Rogers On-Demand interface to watch on my TV.
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CTV’s On Demand Holiday Hub Launches on and the CTV GO App

More than 45 titles and 80 hours of CTV’s holiday-themed programming available for free throughout the holidays

CTV is making available all of its festive holiday programming on demand throughout the holiday season through the CTV Holiday Hub. Beginning today through Friday, Jan. 3, Canadians can conveniently watch or re-watch their favourite CTV holiday programs on demand on smartphones, tablets, and computer screens at and on the CTV GO app. More than 45 titles and 80 hours of holiday programming – from Hollywood blockbusters, holiday classics, and made-for-TV movies to holiday-themed episodes of hit CTV programs – is available now through the CTV Holiday Hub on CTV’s digital platforms.

CLICK HERE for complete list of holiday programs available on the CTV Holiday Hub, including synopses info and dates of availability.

Hollywood Blockbusters:
Following its television debut on CTV, the Academy-Award® nominated film THE HELP will be available online on the CTV Holiday Hub, joining the digital premiere of TRANSFORMERS, as well as SURVIVING CHRISTMAS and timeless holiday classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

Made-for-TV Movies:
A total of 17 made-for-TV movies will be available online following their CTV and CTV Two broadcasts including the new heart-warming holiday movies CATCH A CHRISTMAS STAR, FINDING CHRISTMAS, THE TWELVE TREES OF CHRISTMAS, A VERY MERRY MIX-UP, PETE’S CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS WITH TUCKER, and CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT.

Television Specials:
A total of 20 television specials will be available online, including ETALK’s new original specials: ETALK’S STARS AND SCANDALS 2013, ETALK: KATY PERRY PRISM, ETALK’S 2013 HOLIDAY MOVIE GUIDE, ETALK 2013: THE CANADIANS, and more. Also available is THE SOCIAL’s new original special, THE SOCIAL: YEAR IN GOSSIP. Hilarity ensues with A RUSSELL PETERS CHRISTMAS, SHREK THE HALLS, and a holiday themed HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT special, hosted by Jane Lynch. Plus, ring in the holidays with MICHAEL BUBLÉ'S 3RD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, and relive the magic of THE 109TH SANTA CLAUS PARADE online.

Holiday-Themed Episodes:
Holiday-themed episodes for CTV’s new comedies THE GOLDBERGS and TROPHY WIFE, TWO AND A HALF MEN, dramas CSI and GRIMM, and reality series SHARK TANK, will be made available for viewing online following their television premieres. The CTV Holiday Hub will also be home to Season 4 of the reality singing competition THE SING-OFF, hosted by multi-platinum recording artist Nick Lachey.

Press Release.

Note: I tested a couple of shows on and you don't have to login to view the content, although geo-location may be enforced to limit it to Canada.
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I'm sure most people will put up (and do put up) with the mediocre video and audio of these streams in order to watch the material whenever they want, but someone needs to explain to me what "convenience" can forced non-skippable commercials be.
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Agreed. When these services match the video, audio quality and reliability of Netflix or Hulu+ for a flat monthly fee of under $10/mo, then I will be impressed. Paying ~$100 to a BDU and getting an inferior product is not much of a bargain. It certainly isn't "At no additional cost" while ISPs and phone companies charge outlandish (some would say criminally price fixed) data fees. That statement is especially suspect since the same companies that stream the media also own the broadcasters, phone services, BDUs and ISPs.
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Can those in the GTA or near enough to the US Cell towers can you get US shows on your tablets or smartphones via the Cell phone Network? by using a US app on your tablet or smartphone?
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I am very upset that unless you are a Bell subscriber this app will do nothing?
We need someone to fight this with almost ALL media in Canada owned by Bell or Rogers we are all going to have problems in one way or another.
Media and provides should not force one over the other if you want the media it should be provided on any Canadian provider....... I am a long time watcher of CTV content but now thinking we are best to work at using technology and just get the content from US yes it's easy to do but why are Canadian Media forcing us to the US to get content
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Blame your own cable provider for not signing up to provide the service.

"Bell is the first television provider to sign onto CTV GO, making it available to Fibe and Bell Satellite subscribers. Additional TV service providers launching CTV GO will be announced soon."
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New CP24 GO app for live streaming

CP24 News is available for live streaming now with no subscription required.
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Angry CTV blocked online by Bell

I am not sure if anyone has noticed but online content for CTV has been blocked by Bell unless you can provide identification that you have a television service provider, assumingly a service provider which provides a kick back to Bell to use the signal. So... all of us that receive their TV OTA will not have access to watch previous or missed episodes of programs you would like to see.
"Antenna" will not provide a login to the sight. In my particular case, I was able to watch the content through a US sight. Come on Bell!!! It's no wonder everybody just loves to hate you guys.
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bell media , bravo , cp24 , ctv , ctv go , tmn , tv everywhere

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