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Originally Posted by GeorgeBurger View Post
You seem to be very knowledgeable about cloud technology and our business, so you should be able to draw a distinction between capability and ability.
Users don't care. Can I do it right now? That's what matters.

There is no question that our cloud service is capabale of providing the service anywhere. Knowledgable as you are about android as well, and having had the benefit of Alexei's demo you would know that our TV technology is deployable as an app, and as such our cloud-content can be accessed anywhere, on any android device. It just so happens that at this point we do not have the rights to do so. But to suggest that there is any limitation on our technology to keep the capability strictly within the wifi range of the home in question is ...well...you know, the "D" word.
Where did he say that? The article says this:

Despite its "cloud" name in the monikor, recorded programs are not available outside the home. Users can only playback recorded programs on their television or tablet within their home
And his comment in this thread said this:

As I wrote in my article, I consider the "cloud" and "TV anywhere" labels to be hype because the reality is you can't watch the recorded shows anywhere, only within Wifi range of your home internet connection.
Which is entirely true, because that's what I actually get if I buy it today.

VMedia's website says this (emphasis mine):

With the ultimate objective of delivering all TV channels to all screens – TV, tablet, mobile – truly anywhere and at anytime, untethered by tangled wires linked to expensive hardware
I'll note that "with the ultimate objective of delivering" means it doesn't actually say it's being delivered today. That said, you are not delivering "anywhere" despite "anywhere" being in that sentence. Maybe one day you will, but not today. Why mention anywhere at all?

It's not out of line to question why it's in there, since you're not offering it and have no date for when you will be.

(I have no idea who at Global was where or said what to who, and no way to check any of it, so I'm skipping it.)

Finally, Susan confirmed that she told you of our limitations at this time, but certainly did not express those limitations in the context of capability, only ability, based on rights.I have more to say, but we should just let the posters weigh in on this one.
Again, where did Hugh say that there was a technical limitation? The only thing even mentioning technical restrictions is this:

For the record, when he was demoing the PVR functionality on the Ethnic channels, he said he would like to offer PVR functionality on the Canadian English channels but Vmedia was unable to. He implied it was a CRTC restriction not a technical constraint. It made sense since you could PVR everything back then for the Ethnic channels so I still don't understand why you couldn't do it for all the 60 or so channels you offer. Perhaps you could elaborate?
Which doesn't say its a technical restriction. It's an explanation for why Hugh thought it was a CRTC restriction, instead of a technical one. aka: Not a technical one.

It's not flattering coverage, so I can sympathize if you're not happy. But it's not deceptive. What you're actually offering in terms of end user capability is the same as what I get from my Aliant PVR right now, only the one I have can record every channel I subscribe to.
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The points you are trying to make are obviously bereft of any context, and it would be too lengthy and not worth my time to refute them. Your last point focuses entirely on the question of credibility, ie. was that ever really said(and based on other questionable assertions there is reason to question whether it was)and to use a self-serving statement that based on other self-serving and discredited statements has is of questionable credibility only further undermines your points. VMedia has no issue with dealing with unflatterining coverage. It does however take a position when that coverage is in and of itself not supportable. But glad you made the effort.As is Hugh.
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Vmedia & VCloud TV

I am currently considering moving to VMedia.
It seems like a legitimate means to enjoy the same service that I have now (Rogers: VIP, Extreme, Home Phone), at a substantially less cost.

The VCloud service is apparently launching with a subset of the Basic package. That is, from what I can gather, you can only record some basic channels.
a) Is there any technical limitation that limits the service to just those channels?
b) Do you have to negotiate the rights for each and every one of the specialty channels?
c) will there be any additional charge to use VCloud on any of those specialty channel?
d) What is the realistic expectation of the timeframe for expanding the service to all channels?

Please note. Considering the strides and tremendous advances that VMedia has done in the last 6 months, I am certainly willing to give them some "slack" to get this new feature working on all channels.
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thank-you for your defence.

I have to admit that after reading your press release, I find your suggestion that I am deceptive or disingenuous to be a bit rich but I'm not interested in wasting more time arguing the sophistry of a press release nor arguing what "anywhere" means. It reminds of Bill Clinton's testimony in the Lewinsky hearings over the meaning of the word "is"

Signing off.

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Unable to reply to PM

I received a message from someone on PM who I will not name to respect their privacy, but I am unable to respond by PM because that person either doesn't want to get PMs or can't. In either case, for that person, the answer is as follows:

"Hi thank you for considering us. In order to get our TV, you need to get our internet service. We can provide it to you either through your Rogers cable line, or your Bell line, but if you want to keep getting Bell internet then it would have to be on the Rogers line. Does that help?"
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Hi Jack, thanks very much for considering us. I hope my answers to your questions, below, are helpful.

a) Is there any technical limitation that limits the service to just those channels?

None. We are only limited by contractual restrictions attaching to specialty channels.

b) Do you have to negotiate the rights for each and every one of the specialty channels?

Yes we do. It is not a onerous as it seems because as you know most of the channels are in one of four groups.

c) will there be any additional charge to use VCloud on any of those specialty channel?

Not on our account and we hope no costs will be associated with getting the rights from those specialty channel owners.

d) What is the realistic expectation of the timeframe for expanding the service to all channels?

It is hard to tell I have not yet engaged in preliminary discussions with any of the majors yet. The way things typically move, assuming conceptually we are onside, I would guess six months.
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VMedia's VCloud TV PVR is Up and Running!

Hi I am very pleased to inform everyone that the VCloud TV PVR service has now been rolled out to our subscribers. For more details please go here:»www.vmedia.ca/blog/.

Best regards, George.
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I would consider Vmedia tv only with PVR option . I am using similar system from Europe called Dune tv.
I can acces all channels and programming by going back up to two weeks. Some of their players have recording option where portable hard drive can be installed.
This is what I am using and I like the option of recording so I can watch it later at my convenience.

For Vmedia to succed they should offer Vcloud for all the channels and the PVR option for customers who want it.
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I would consider VMedia if it were a Roku app with ala carte. I just want three channels, only three. I'll pay a premium for those three channels.
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I think a new board for discussing VMedia needs to be created since it is becoming bigger and is planning a national expansion in the near future.
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VMedia "client-side" PVR function

There doesn't seem to be much interest in VMedia here - maybe this will help liven up the discussion.

VMedia is very excited to announce the launch of our new PVR (BETA) function, one that will allow you to record any show, at any time, on any channels that you have subscribed for!

This "client-side" PVR function will allow TV subscribers to record one show while watching another. PVR is a companion to the VCloud TV platform, which lets you record shows from 18 channels, including all the Canadian and U.S. networks, for up to seven days.

PVR will be available at no extra charge, however you must supply your own SD card or USB storage.

This function is in Beta, so you should check out the other users experiences if you consider this an essential feature.

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VMedia Adds Blue Ant Channels to the Cloud!

VMedia is very please to announce that Blue Ant Media, one of Canada's leading channel groups, has agreed to let VMedia offer their channels on our unique VCloud TV "scroll-back" PVR platform. Cottage Life, BITE and T&E are the first speciality channels that can be watched after initial broadcast without need for PVR hardware. Read more about it here:

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Since the CRTC site appears to be down when I'm posting this, these are the regions that were approved:

* Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John and their surrounding areas, New Brunswick; St. John’s and its surrounding areas, Newfoundland and Labrador; Halifax and its surrounding areas, Nova Scotia
* Gatineau, Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières and their surrounding areas, Quebec
* Airdrie, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Leduc, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Spruce Grove and their surrounding areas, Alberta; Winnipeg and its surrounding areas, Manitoba; Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton and their surrounding areas, Saskatchewan
* Abbotsford, Greater Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Victoria and their surrounding areas, British Columbia

They also considered interventions that it should fall under the DMEO and disagreed. Not much else of interest in the decision other than conditions of license/affiliates they can carry in each region.
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They'll service Gatineau, but not Ottawa?

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