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Rogers Vs. Bell Fibe TV

Hi, I just wanted some advice, my contract has ended for my Rogers cable tv and of course the discounts I was receiving ended. I have home phone and internet with Bell so they have approached me in the past about Fibe TV. After learning more about this it seems like it offers more that what I would get from Rogers. The whole home PVR in itself is a major plus for me.

I have three tv's two with digital boxes, and one on basic cable(not digital terminal)

Anyway to renew contract for one year, I would get the following from Rogers
- 30% off my cable service (VIP package)
- Of the two digital boxes I currently rent, they would swap one for a free HD PVR.
-Rogers cost/month would be about $68

In contrast Bell offers me the following
- Whole home PVR, with no charge main PVR for 36 months
- I would rent two additional HD PVR (for the same price as the standard digital rogers box $5/month)
- Choice bundle - equivalent channels to Rogers VIP
- Bell cost/ month would be about $66 first year, $79 second year

I've been a cable TV customer of rogers for ages so its hard to switch but honestly it looks like I would get more from Bell if I switch. Does anyone else think the same? ANy good reasons to stick with Rogers?
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You can simply tell them what Bell is offering you and give them a chance. Some things to keep in mind:

You have three TVs, so if it's important to you, ask if FibeTV will be able to deliver HD to all three TVs simultaneously. It probably cannot.

I thought analog cable was gone as of today, so you would need a third cable box.

You only mentioned the 1st and 2nd year -- what is the third year from Bell going to cost?

For myself, I'm still waiting for FibeTV to make it out to where I live, but when it does I'm going to give it a long look, and I've told Rogers that. I have a rent-free-for-life HD PVR which, in the past, was always the "deal breaker" (Bell could not sweeten the offer enough to switch). Lately, though, Bell has been very aggressive, and if not for the non-availability of FibeTV I may have switched a couple of months ago. Now I'm on a 2-year with Rogers because the Bell guy could not say for sure that FibeTV will be available in one year.
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Originally Posted by wprager View Post
I thought analog cable was gone as of today, so you would need a third cable box.
Analog cable is not gone. Analog over-the-air tv is gone (with a few exceptions).
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erotavlas, is that a bundle price for Bell? You're saving $2 a month in year one and paying more next year so Rogers would be cheaper longer term.

Also note that Fibe Internet speed has a lower maximum (Fibe 6) if you Fibe TV depending on where you are so something to investigate. See Fibe forum for details on this.

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@hugh - If you purchase Fibe TV then you must get Fibe Internet, however, the maximum internet bandwidth available to you will be 25Mbs if you buy their Fibe16+ service. This allows you to use all the bandwidth that is not taken up by Fibe TV. So, if you have no TV's running then you will get 25Mbs - the more video streams the less for access to the internet.
(at least, this is my understanding)
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pshine, I am Going by this thread which contradicts what you are saying, however, things certainly could have changed.

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Hugh, I read through the thread on your link.
Not sure I follow you...
Lets start with FibeTV - as a pre-req, you must be in an area that offers Fibe 25 for the internet.
You can then get Fibe 6, Fibe 12 or Fibe 16+ with Fibe TV. Each has a bandwidth limit (download) Fibe 6 is 6Mbs, Fibe 12 is 12Mbs and 16+ is "up to 25 Mbs" if you are not using the Fibe TV streams.
See this link -

Upload speeds are usually up to 1Mbs but there is an optional 7Mbs upload speed.

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I read something about cable companies being allowed to shut down analogue cable but I can't recall when it start and it's still up to the individual companies as to when they switch.
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Originally Posted by mr weather View Post
Analog cable is not gone. Analog over-the-air tv is gone (with a few exceptions).
I knew that, but I heard from someone at work just a couple of days ago, that Rogers was getting rid of all analog cable signals as well. And the OP said he is with Rogers now.
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Cool Not impressed with the Nextbox - no option to try Fibe

Well after agonizing for weeks on whether to leave Rogers to try Bell Fibe TV I decided to do it. I was offered free PVR and a significat discount on my bill by Bell. After confirming that it was available in my house in Toronto they sent out the tech who said that my house was to far from the node so no fibe for me Bell also said that my phone cables were in the ceilings so to get internet they would have to cut open the ceiling. Rogers in the meantime had been trying to woo me back with a free PVR and discounts. After this happened, when I tried to get those discounts they said it had been a third party offering them and they could not match it. They did offer a free PVR for 1 year and 30% off my bill. Also a new modem for free for a year whcih is faster than the old one.
Well the Nextbox 2.0 arrived yesterday and it is just the old Cisco PVR with whole home capability. 500 MB of memory. It took over 5 hours to install and another hole in my wall to separate the internet form the TV cable. I was hoping the guide would be much better but it is not. The font is so small you can hardly read it and it only shows 5 rows of listing at once. Half the TV screen is taken up with info on the show (there is no way to change the appearance of this). The old guide allowed you to use the info button to get more info and the guide screen took up more of the TV. They have added the ability to tape a show for 5 minutes after the hour which is helpful as my old PVR was always cutting off the shows that ran a minute over. I can't comment on the search function as it doesn't work on my machine and I am headed back to the store to replace the PVR to see if that works. Also, you can only record 2 shows at once. With Bell Fibe TV you can record 4 shows at once. With a whole home PVR experience recording 2 shows at once is not enough if multiple TVs are sharing the PVR. You can only record 1 week ahead (with Bell you can record 2 weeks ). The List function has the TV running behind the words which makes it difficult to read. Bell also had facebook on the TV which Rogers does not offer. I am glad to have more recording space and the ability to watch the PVR on another TV but other than that a very disappointing product with not much improvement from the old version. Waiting for Fibe TV to reach my house!
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LOL I forgot I posted this, I'm still with Rogers and was searching the web for the Netbox 2.0 vs Bell Fibe TV and found my old post.

At the time last year Rogers didn't have the netbox so I renewed for the year with them to get the free HD PVR and one standard def. PVR.

But now since I already have Bell home phone plus Fibe 12 internet, those bundle deals they have look decent. Plus they might throw in some discounts for being a long time customer. We will see when my rogers contract is up.

Mean while I recently had Rogers upgrade my HD PVR guide software and its an improvement - Search is way better. However I still like Bell's guide and setup better. I don't know maybe I just like the color blue better than the red and black
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New home buyer looking for TV Provider information

Hi everyone.

First off let me apologize in case I am posting this in the incorrect section of DHF.

I am about to move into my first home and have been bombarded with a number of e-mails from various TV/Internet providers seemingly eager to snatch me up as a new customer and take my hard earned $$. Before I make the decision on which provider I want to go with I was just curious if anyone had any helpful information for a rookie such as myself.

I have been contacted by both Rogers and Bell regarding service.

I am eligible for Fibe TV/Internet which certainly interests me because I like the product. The package I was offered is as follows:
- Fibe 50/50(175Gb) internet free for 6 months
- Modem included
- Fibe TV "the Best" TV package and a free HDPVR after 6 months the discounted rate is as you quoted below at $85.95/month. HDPVR remains free.
- 2 months free movie network and super channel
- No install fee and no contract

This seems like a decent deal to me but I am wary of any hidden fees I might encounter after my 6 month period concludes. The fine print on the Bell site for "The Best Package" says "For months 1-6, ($103.95/mo. thereafter).
in a TV, Internet, and Home phone bundle".......but I wasn't planning on getting a home phone, I have a Bell cell phone.

My other option was to get a Rogers HD receiver and go with TekSavvy High Speed DSL 6.

Sorry for the inundation of information but I'm certainly a rookie when it comes to this stuff. Any tips or information would certainly be appreciated.

Thank you very much.
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I think a little more info would be useful to give you the best advice. Where are you going to live? Have you looked at OTA for television. Lots of folks are very happy with OTA + Netflix/itunes. You can save a ton of money. IMO, it is only worthwhile for those who live close enough to the border to pick up a good number of US stations (I'm not one of them).

Also, double check the prices for Teksavvy if you don't have a home phone number. You might end up paying an extra "dry loop" fee.

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Rogers really needs to quickly come out with an IPTV solution complete with APPS and a Network PVR. Rogers should partner with Netflix in some way. It's obvious where the industry is going. Their hardware is somewhat outdated even though they tout it otherwise. I will give Rogers credit providing their live tv app and remote thru an I-Pad where you can schedule your recordings.
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Another thing to consider is with Bell Fine yopu can record up to 4 shows at the same time while with Rogers only 2.

I have had both and at least for me FIBE is way better.

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