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Hi Everyone,

Regarding broken recordings, there are a few different scenarios that can lead to a broken recording:
  • Low/Intermittent Signal. If signal is too low or intermittent, the complete file may not be created. This will lead to a broken recording.
  • Unsubscribed Channel. If you set an impulse (one-time) recording on an unsubscribed channel or blacked out program, nothing will be recorded. The program will appear in the PVR List, but will be marked "broken" following the next reboot.
  • Technical Glitch. The receiver may have entered an error state where new recordings cannot be created. A Front Panel Reset would be required to recover.
With the last one, additional symptoms may include an inability to use LOD (e.g. PAUSE doesn't work), inability to play back recordings (you only get a black screen), or the REC1 light stays on even though no recordings are taking place. A Front Panel Reset is required to recover. This situation should be rare under 00.13 and will no longer occur after the next software update.

Note that in all cases, the receiver must reboot in order for a recording to be "marked" broken (i.e. the icon added). The disk is checked on system startup, not every time you access the PVR List.
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