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Boxee Box in Canada has content that is sometimes difficult to view in Full Screen without a mouse and people who say is coming soon are overly optimistic. The BBox was/is a great disappointment for me. I wanted a user friendly device with options so my family could use it, but sadly not. I'm the only one who can navigate its menu and some of its issues. It's a geek toy right now which freezes frequently. Even the replacement box I got freezes. Also, I even reverted back to factory settings with the old esthetically pleasing UI but lots more issues there as well.

I know some people say..."The developers are selling it a little above cost and they're not making much money" ... Well yes, when they offer the software for free for your PC, then they are to be admired for their hard work, but as soon as they started offering the Box at $199.00 then they're obligated deliver a product with no bugs or at least fix them pronto. It's not a lot of money, but this device is dedicated for boxee use. There's no other uses for it. In short, I will not take mine back, but I will not endorse it either and many people are eagerly inquiring about it. I have to give negative reviews at this point. Maybe in the future it will be better or maybe this Boxee Box will fail and will be a tax write-off for D-Link?
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