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Originally Posted by Jimsathome View Post
I researched various multiswitches and found few that were outdoor rated. As you can see my experience is only recent with the Phillips unit and so far it's working fine. I'm mounting it outdoors, where it should be inside an enclosure of some sort to shield it from the elements (particularly water in it's various forms in winter) and mechanical damage by people and animals.

I've got a 20 X 10 inch plastic enclosure designed for telephone / cable systems for it. It's water resistant to about NEMA 4 enclosure level and quite robust. The photo of the multiswitch is just the temporary install to acertain 100% system functionality. Even the F connectors used will be changed to an outdoor moisture resistant type. I'm contemplating using dielectric grease as well.
Do you know if the Phillips multiswitch has the ability to connect on OTA antenna, or is the Aspen the only one that does that?
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