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The lack of Canadian productivity always gets lots of headlines in the business sections of major newspapers. I'm not just picking on Shaw for this one, but Pivot's hassle is a prime example of the lack of thinking that goes on in the upper echelons of Canadian business.

This inevitably leads to higher costs and justifiably annoyed customers. First of all a company like Shaw has to acknowledge to itself that there will be a high turnover in low paying jobs - in this case CSRs, TSRs and subbed out installers.

A proper formal ongoing "Best Practices" program at Shaw would have resulted in the following occurring as soon as the first call was made by Pivot since the installer left without verifying proper reception

A) Sincere apology
B) Automatic sendout of another installer a.s.a.p.
C) 1 months free programming
D) Automatic withholding of payment to first contractor

There should have been NO talk by any Shaw employee about Pivot going ANYWHERE to purchase any additional hardware, (Everyone on this forum knows that 4 tuners with a nonstacked dish needs no external multiswitch and that Big Box stores do not sell 22khz switches).

Additionally from the initial call, it should be apparent that the installer used existing Bell lines and did not install any lines himself (nice easy job). How much would it cost Shaw to actually produce a field install manual for all situations and dish type/sizes? Hey sub it out to someone on this forum - for $2 to $3k, I and probably 50 others here are totally capable and would enjoy some Christmas cash.

But you know Shaw will do nothing, and this will repeat over and over. Why - because as is the case in most Canadian companies they will say "Hey our competitors are worse" and then pat themselves on the back. Yes Canadians do work harder, just not as smart as international competitors.
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