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No warm and fuzzy for Shaw so far

Because we were paying Bell over 400.00 a month for our various services, we decided to change everthing Bell. After some research I decided to go with Shaw Direct (mainly for prices). Last Saturday was our long awaited hookup day. The installer showed up an hour late ( he did call tho) and spent about two hours installing the dish, receivers etc.

Once he was finished, I didn't have any channels except channel 299, the dreaded fireplace channel. He told me that the uploads were taking some time but I should have stations in about an hour. Then he left, this was about 5:00 Saturday night. At 7:00 we still had no stations so I called customer service and waited on hold, and waited on hold and waited on hold I finally gave up in frustration at 8:45, still without talking to anyone. I then called back and used there handy call back feature thinking I would never get a call back, but they did call me in about 20 minutes. The CSR then gave me some steps to go through and told me rather than me having to call back, she would call me back in a half hour. I waited an one called. So once again I called Shaw and asked how many minutes are in their half hour because apparently it is different than mine. Anyway after talking to the new CSR for several minutes he determined that the problem was that I had a Bell multi-switch and that was messing up our signal. He said that installers don't carry them on their truck and it would take a week to ship. He did say I could purchase one at Future Shop the next day and likely install it ourself and all would be hunky dory. Shaw would credit my account for 89.99 and if I got one cheaper than that..bonus, if it was more than that, well 'sucks to be me'. He then said that he would call me back at around 6 the next evening to make sure everything was working.

I went the next day to Future Shop, Best Buy and the Source, but had no luck getting this multi-switch. I waited for Shaw to call me back at 6 that night as call.

At 8 I called them again (I'm a little hostile at this point). I have already poured out 677.00 bucks for equipment and now I have no TV at all. This NEW CSR tells me that the multi-switch isn't the problem and that it being Bell shouldn't matter (hello, is there two different manuals with two entirely different processes). So here I wait until next Saturday until I have TV.

Yeah, I'll get right on recommending Shaw to anyone.
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