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Install from hell…

I originally ordered Shaw Direct back in June of this year, I arranged the install for a Saturday, waited the whole day for the tech, he was a no-show, not even a call… I cancelled the whole transaction.
Fast-forward to Nov, I decided to give it another try. I ordered my HDDSR 605 online two weeks ago, install was scheduled for last Saturday. There was a dish already on my townhouse, but needed a switch to correct a weak signal & allow HD channels to come through, this took another full day. He installed the switch, I was in the garage, he didn’t talk to me & promptly left… I turned it on, and nothing, no signal. This started a full week of phone tag with both Shaw & the install company (Solo cable out of Brantford) resulting in two no-shows by the installer, the latest excuse I got today was the van broke down… yeah right!!

Shaw has been as helpful as they can, but sadly, they seem to be at the mercy of the installer… I cant believe such an incompetent company is awarded a contract to install online orders. Anyway… I had to find another company to come fix the problem myself, Shaw’s hands were tied, they are a local Shaw/Bell satellite dealer/installer, Shaw says they will reimburse all costs to fix the problem if I fax them the invoice.

I guess the moral of this story is if you can purchase your system from a local seller/installer, do so!! The $10 I saved for doing it online was not worth all my wasted time!!

I’m wondering what I can do about this contract installer… how can I make my complaints heard?
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