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I bought Netgear XET1001 powerline adapters for about $54 shipping in for two refurb units on eBay for a friend.

She had the wireless router in the furnace room (all metal enclosure, must not be great for signals), so to move it to a more central location I bought the adapters and they work great. The router now sits in the middle of the house while the modem is in the basement. They can be moved around, including right by the Blu-ray player for updates when necessary.

I am considering some for myself. It beats running wire, especially if you are not staying in the same home for long. The units I bought are 85 mbps units and they operate well. In my house, my switch is only 10/100, so I'm only losing about 15% of the speed for such and easy solution. All I need is about 20 mbps for video, so in my case it's all good and it works in any room.
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