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I bought my boxee box on launch day and for the most part have been happy with it. I too have been reading all the comments from the boxee forum and decided to try and roll back my firmware to the original beta firmware since many people were claiming it was better than the update the rolled out on release day. Wow, what a difference!! I don't know what boxee was thinking removing a bunch of great features for the official launch. Things like continuous folder scanning for new content, the ability to sort your media by oldest items first ( a must for TV shows IMO), the ability to mark items as watched, plus a faster, more responsive UI.

If they had stuck with a modest update of the beta firmware instead of completely retooling it for launch, i think they would have many more happy customers. I think they may have really hurt their reputation with this launch, with many initial purchasers returning their boxes out of frustration. Anecdotally, my connection at Futureshop says they have seen several boxes returned already, and this is at a smaller store in a small center.

Boxee's developers have promised to fix many of the things people are complaining about, and have been very open about the current issues, so hopefully they can execute quickly.
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