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I've been watching this with anticipation. I could use a third media player, but would also consider replacing one or both of my WDTV-Live units if something came along with a jazzy user interface (I'd like to preview/select from ~400 movies via cover art and perhaps a text synopsis rather than by filename).

Anyhow, it saddens me to skim the currently 46-pages and counting 'BB Owners' thread on avsforum, in which many users are complaining that (like everything else before it), the potential is there, but the current implementation is another fly ball.

Many users are complaining about inability to play MKV's, other large files and a host of other issues. Plus, there's the standard limitation from a Cdn owner:

- Online content and apps. There are a million choices, and 999,999 of them don't work in Canada

Even PC Magazine's review was less than glowing:,2817,2372616,00.asp


Robust file support. Well-designed user interface. Quality search tool scans attached hard drives, Internet for content you seek. Streams content wirelessly from PCs on same network. Solid digital connectivity, along with analog outputs for audio.


Many key features—Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu—aren't fully available at launch. Remote is awkwardly designed. Set-up requires multiple firmware updates, installations, reboots.

Bottom Line

Less expensive than the Logitech Revue with Google TV and pricier than Apple TV, the Boxee Box by D-Link focuses on rounding up Web content on your HDTV, but suffers from a lack of partner content at launch.

I was so hoping that they'd learn from the crash and burn launches of the competition. I might have been willing to take a leap of faith at half the price, but alas, perhaps my Live with it's new firmware (last night) remains as the more stable and better choice for the time being. Oh well, I suppose they'll shake the bugs out in the end...
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