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Pace Dallas RNG200N HD PVR Discussion Thread

Might as well start up an official thread for this new box, as it seems to be replacing the TDC777D already.

I picked one up earlier today; here are my observations:
- It has a 500GB hard drive (Western Digital AV-25 2.5")
- Diagnostics screen lists 363hrs of SD recording space or 99hrs of HD
- S/W: 78.73 A28p0-4.1005.r-8
- F/W: 19.82
- 128MB of SDRAM and 64MB of Flash ROM
- It's much smaller than the TDC777D or previous Motos. It's not much bigger than the Moto DCX700.
- Seems to be just as cool and quiet as the TDC777D
- eSATA is enabled
- It uses an external 40W power brick

When I brought in my TDC777D to exchange it for this box, the rep I spoke with was well aware of the "HDD Full" issue and said they were accepting all exchanges and issuing the RNG200N as replacements.
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