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Pace RNG200N HD PVR Owners discussion thread

So, i trade in in my perfectly fine moto DVR, only complaint was I wanted a bigger HD and the expandability of the the new Pace models. Off to Oakville place I go and they exchange the moto for a shiny sleek black Pace RNG200n.

Well to make a long story short i am on my 3rd one and it still doesn't work!!

Phone tech has been no help, they are baffled. The display loops from "boot" to "d590" to "oo6" the remote will not function at all. I have checked all cables, even installed a new Pace hd box in the same location, works perfect! Tech claims that sometimes a test signal comes back positive sometimes negative. Funny though the pace plain HD box works perfect in the same location, and the previous moto DVR worked flawlessly. Another observation is that the optical audio ports that usually glows red on my other equipment and the new pace HD box never lights up on all 3 of these boxes. not sure what that means.

Also this model is not listed on the pace website, at least were I am looking. Tech wants to send someone to the house in a week.

I Probably should have left things alone and waited for the new stuff to get the bugs out.

Any suggestions out there??
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