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NDG antenna setup

Here's another antenna setup at a friend's house in the NDG area I worked on this weekend for reception of VT, NY and Montreal stations, and hopefully as an encouragement to all those who get discouraged with reception of ABC (the proud new owner on the right of the picture seems excited).

On top of the mast we used a Winegard YA1713 VHF antenna for WVNY.
Below that we used an AntennasDirect DB-8 for WCAX, WPTZ, WETK, WCFE and WFFF.
At the bottom we used an AntennasDirect DB-2 for Montreal stations.

The YA1713 and the DB-8 are combined with a UVSJ and run on RG6 coaxial cable into the living room. The DB-2 runs on a separate coaxial cable into the living room, where we combined it with the other feed.

We pick up ABC at 80% signal strength, CBS, NBC and Vermont PBS at 95% and Fox and Mountain Lake PBS at 85-90%. The only digital Montreal station so far is Télé-Québec at 85%. Fantastic result overall!
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