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Probably not the best place to post this issue, but probably the most active MTS thread anywhere.

I've been without phone, internet and TV for 4 days. It all dropped with the nasty wind and weather we had on Tuesday night. Called on Wednesday afternoon to report it, and they said they were sending a tech on Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon comes, we stay home from work (at our expense), and no tech comes. I call after 6pm to find out what's going on, and they apologize telling me that they didn't need to send a tech after all, that it's a problem on their end.


Does that sound at all truthful? That they don't need to send a tech, even though I have no service for the fourth day? I'm assuming it must be a line problem to the house (wind blew something loose, etc)... what could possibly be wrong at their end where I wouldn't have any connection (no dial tone, etc) coming to my house only?

I'm also expecting some serious compensation for this too, well beyond just a pro-rated credit for the downtime.

Anyone else experience extended downtime with MTS?

(Oh - and in case you're wondering, I'm posting this while tethering to my MTS smartphone... the only MTS service I have left working!)
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