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Originally Posted by yhzhrm View Post
Unlike some I looked out and had a knowledgeable tech.

eSATA is officailly supported on these boxes DCX3400 series. Supports up to 1 TB. One must call cable tech support to have them initiate the box. The HDD wil be formatted for the OS used by the box. Once initiated you can record to the external drive. Why use eSATA drive? If anything goes wrong with the DCX3400 and needs to be swapped out, you still have your recorded shows.

One person in BC using external drive and three in Halifax that he was aware of.

Box supports 1080p, only available 1080p content at this time is through VOD.

My box is still not up and running not all channels coming through. Service call sceduled, I'll call them tomorrow and see about the validaor signal.

Anybody know if the PC can read the files on the formatted external drive.

The DVR with Firewire came off as .ts files.


Tech also told me about their new wireless modem N support and Gigabyte Lan.
I got my external drive hooked via esata and it is working fine. Just hooked it up one day, everything was powered on at the time, and it reformatted and was ready to go. Get all the 0% usage issues but that doesn't both me.
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