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Talking Boxee Additions

Im working on a couple of things at the moment, and also trying out another service called 'DropBox'

Whats interesting with this one is, I just started to expierment with using DropBox to sync media between devices.

Im going to drop in a referal Link to get you folks up and going..

sign up for drop box with the following link...

If all works as I hope it will.. it should be interesting.. obviously combining both applications is somewhat expiermental. However does create a unique platform for delievery.

I will put a copy of Boxee in the folder for users to Download and install..

as well as a couple of media clips.

what should happen is that the users that install the DropBox will have a addional folder... that folder can then be added to the media library of Boxee.

all the users will automatic Sync, and you should all be able to access the video clip.

I do not believe that anything like this before has been attempted.

However I just Tested this tonight from across the city.

It does work... and its also Very fast as well..

im getting speeds of about 700k /sec to sync on typical DSL

To add the DropBox Share to Boxee:

Simply use the files menu under boxee to browse to the location where boxee stores the files...

its like C: / users / (UserName) / My Documents / My Dropbox

and create a shortcut...

exit out and go back to the main menu...

you will then see a folder there next to the other applications for Boxee..

Now what ever goes into your DropBox can be Viewed on Boxee.

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