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External Drive

Been running this setup since Sept 16 no problems. (Photo in Albums in my signature)

Totally disconnected stock harddrive, ran regular sata cable to motherboard of 630 from my harddrivedock dock which is self powered externally.

Seagate, PipelineHD 1T, same procedure as QCK outlined to format and setup.

Removed 630 cover, flipped it over, slipped end back into front of receiver, and put a couple of pieces of tape on for a little extra hold, Harddrive dock sits on this inverted cover just above the clock.

Flipping cover upside down creates a 3/4 inch gap on each end of receiver.
Plugged USB powered fan into USB port on front of receiver, with fan blowing in 3/4 inch gap on end of receiver. Air flows side to side, totally cool inside. Receivers small size is great.

Will try some other hard drive makes and sizes shortly

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