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Originally Posted by pshine: I took my receiver out of the picture by connecting the PVR directly into my plasma and the using the optical out on the PVR into my receiver
Try going straight HDMI to your TV, and use the TV's audio - see if it still happens. I think the issue is when there is a receiver in the mix that you get the audio dropouts. I do notice when listening to the audio channels - i get no dropouts of audio.

I haven't noticed bad pixelation happening. Sometimes it can be at the source though too.

I'm hoping maybe a software update might fix these issues - apparently Microsofot's Media Room 2.0 is available and some providers are starting to move to it. I would hope Bell will move towards it soon.

I think we should document how we are setup too when there are issues. I heard that using COAX can cause lots of issues, especially if it's poor COAX runs. Also - using a second wireless router can cause issues.

For me:
- Ethernet cable (6ft) to hookup IPTV receiver to modem
- HDMI from IPTV receiver to A/V Receiver (Denon)
- HDMI from Denon to TV
- HDMI used for Video / Audio path
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