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Hi Barb, here's a quote from the Digital Home FAQs that you may find useful for your first issue:

FAQ - Things to check first
18. Some compact fluorescent lightbulbs have caused problems with some TVs, some STBs and some remotes. If you are having problems and have CFs, turn them off to see if they are contributing to the issue. Some TVs (Sharp, Samsung) have also been known to interfere with STBs - turning down the backlight on LCDs sometimes works, place the STB further from the LCD, turn off OPC, or simply wait a few minutes for the TV to be warm. Plasmas can do this too. Here's a link on this topic:
If this doesn't help, here are some troubleshooting questions:

From your description, it sounds like you're not using the remote at the time the "Summary" screen pops up. Is this the same screen you get when you press the "info" button on the remote?
If you have more than 1 TV, does this only happen on only one TV?
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