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Buy local

I think anyone buying a PC should consider their local neighbourhood computer store for just these reasons, not a big box or country wide franchise operation. You get what you need for a price what you were willing to pay...As I have said many times in these forums, ask the customer to show you an ad for what their are looking at and tell them I can build you a better computer for the same price. I started buying components from Tiger Direct before they had a Canadian operation, then I went to the Toronto stores to save shipping costs as they come from the US when ordering online. In the last 3 years, I have been going to the Canada Computers on College St in Toronto to buy my components to build a PC, equal or better pricing than Tiger Direct (unfortunately had a serious fire 3 weeks ago, bummer!)...My point is that a local shop will build you a better PC and have a better warranty process that any big store with less problems getting that warranty....

I believe in buying local, I bought some pickles the other day, on the label they came from India??? Hold on, how can it be cheaper to grow them, bottle them and ship them from India then it would be to grow them here, jar them and ship them????? Makes no sense to me...LOL

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