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yes - I have also had issues with parental Locks. Apparently is has to do with the guide again. If it cannot tell what rating is on a show, it will go conservative and lock it. I think they need to rethink that strategy.

I have gone old school and gone back to locking channels, and hiding them, leaving title and program rating unlocked. Works better, but not perfect.

Update on my pixelation issue. I called. Did a soft reset. I typically leave the unit on all the time unless I see a pending upgrade in the target firmware line. The CSR said that minor updates could occur overnight without affecting the firmware version, as shown, and that I should turn it off each night. Maybe there is a another or deeper version number not displayed on screen. I never knew about these minor updates, and I am still skeptical that this is correct. He did say this was an issue reported previously and should be fixed with an update.
Regardless, I was able to narrow down my issues to Tuner2, both playback and live. You can tell what channel each tuner is tuned to in the status screen. So after leaving my 630 off last night, I have not seen any problems yet in my 15mins of testing. Here's hoping.
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