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Missed recordings is totally unexceptable, period!

Drop outs, even minor, are also unexceptable.

When I first got my 530 (didn't trade it in so paid full price, $400 for the 630) I had many problems with audio dropouts. As time went on this improved without a firmware update so I am guessing the problems were with the networks or Shaws handling of the network feeds. Recently I have had no problems with recordings or audio on the 530. It never didn't record a show it was suppose to record!

So am I happy with the 630. No, for the reasons above. The 530 was more trustworthy in recent times, other than the frequent resets needed. I missed no recordings and the video and audio was pretty much trouble free.

Shaw needs to fix these problems. I am aware that other people have reported them, but everyone who experiences these problems needs to report them so they will take it seriously.

I have not been impressed with Shaws customer service. They promised firmware updates and features for the 505/530 series and didn't deliver. They turned my HD201 and 500 into bricks and I got to buy new hardware at a reduced price. They turned it into bricks, it should have been free! They are about to do the same with the 505/530 models, if they ever get their new bird up. So far I have five Shaw bricks sitting in the basement.

I would trade the 530 for another 630 but I am not prepared to do so until Shaw fixes the 630!
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