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Originally Posted by Tup View Post
The 530 would allow 90 minutes in the buffer....well the 630 will hold a show in the buffer until the next show starts...then it seems to erase it.
Hi Tup,

The 630 is actually unique in that it doesn't have a fixed x minute buffer like the other PVRs.

The HDPVR 630 will retain the current and previous program, regardless of length.

This assumes that you've sat on the same channel for the duration of the current and previous program in order to have it available in the LOD buffer. This also assumes available space on your hard drive. Additionally, if you leave it paused on a program long enough, the "intermediate" programs will be deleted and the "current" (live) program will remain available. For example:
The Simpsons (6:00-6:30pm)
Family Guy (6:30-7:00pm)
Wipeout (7:00-8:00pm)

You pause at 6:25pm and come back at 7:45pm. When you press PLAY, the remainder of The Simpsons will be available. At the end of The Simpsons, it will transition to the start of Wipeout.

Note that the currently airing program can always be copied to the PVR List as a permanent recording by pressing REC and confirming the recording.

As always, its important to remember that LOD is a "volatile" recording - accidentally changing channels or other recordings starting can remove the LOD recording. If you're worried about accidentally losing something, just hit REC and make it a permanent recording. You can always delete it later!

Hope this helps - if you're still noticing issues, let us know the specifics and we'll do our best to assist.
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