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Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post
Hi osmosis,

That's definitely a quirk of the system. It doesn't affect anything and we're working on getting rid of it. Don't worry about trying to delete it.

This is normal. Notice that the episode airing on Wed 15 has an episode title, while the one on the 22nd doesn't. Some broadcasters don't send information a full 2 weeks out for certain programs. You'll see this often on certain sports events (where it lists "Teams TBA" 2 weeks out rather than the actual names) and daily Soap Operas.

Once the broadcaster provides updated information, the PVR will adjust automatically and only record the episode a single time. Don't worry about trying to cancel any of the airings on the 22nd.

As mentioned previously, if you find a program that never has correct information, setting it to record "All episodes" on a single channel only is usually the best workaround. Also, let us know so we can pass on the information and try to get it resolved.
Thanks SD Support - good to know - I am having the same problem.
How about the 'pop' on the speakers when changing channels some have reported? It wasn't doing that with my 530 before I replaced it with my 630 - exact same setup.
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