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My machine failed to record a show last night. It was set to record ch 286 at 6:00 pm mountain, then 291 at 9:00 pm. My wife watched the first recording, starting it around 9:00 pm. I came out around 10:30 and noticed the REC1 light was on, but knew there was no show scheduled to record at that time. I checked the list to see what was giong on and there was a blank yellow bar between the 2 shows that were on the list from before, and no Simpsons, which should have been there from 9 pm. I tried a number of things: play the blank bar, nothing, power on and off, nothing. Still no show and no way to get rid of the REC1 light. I finally did another front panel reset and the REC1 light went out.

Not a good sign, lots of resets and now missed recordings.

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