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From post number 20 by SD support.....
I've been playing back shows all morning trying to reproduce this. Each time (from each of the 3 sort modes), the program is still highlighted when the recording ends and it returns to the PVR List. The only exception is when you start with the "Grouped by Program" mode, it will return with that programming grouping highlighted rather than the individual episode. Additionally, if new recordings have started while you're watching another one, it will be off by that number of recordings.........

This is absolutely ridiculous programming code. This is dangerous. You have to remember which date of news/program you are watching in order to delete. The machine should remember which program was being watched not which was the number of the program in the list(now changed by additional recordings). That wasn't acceptable from a programmer over 30 years ago!
Not coming back to the program you were watching for any reason is completely unacceptable. Come on guys..learn how to write code!
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