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Originally Posted by Gogie View Post
Had an odd problem crop up today. Was watching the Packers on RSNHD (East, I think). Decided to try FoxHD East (better sound) but no picture when I switched, just a black screen. Flipped back to RSNHD and no problem. Changed up one channel to RSNHD Toronto, no picture. Started checking and found that roughly every other channel was blank (no picture, no sound), including both HD and SD channels. Did a soft reset and all was good again. Anyone else experience this sort of problem?
Yes, from my post in the owners forum from yesterday:

48 hours in, I had a few problems last night.
Ours is hooked up via HDMI straight to the tv and optical to the receiver.
When I turned it on around 6:00pm mountain time, most of my sd CBC and CTV (ch 300-321) channels were showing as blacked out. Some blacked out ones displayed the "not subscribed" message. We have the "Digital Favourites" package, so they should have shown. A front panel reset fixed the problem.

Then, at 8:45 pm, I paused HGTV (ch. 564) and the screen went black again, except for the timeline bar. When I tried to resume, I just got the black screen. Skip forward/back did nothing. If I changed channels, the new channel came in and I could go back to 564 live. I tried this a few times, always with the same result. Again, a front panel reset fixed the problem.

Having been a "beta tester" for the 530 since July, 2005, I'm not prepared to go through this all over again. I'm still in possession of my 530 and will return the 630 if it continues to act up.

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