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Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Peetee_C, as I stated in an earlier post "We set up a very temporary Dish 5 feet away fro his and got a signal with not too much fussing about. (I'll post a photo) The best signal we got was 70 but only for a moment. Typically it would hold at 63 to 68 - depending on the wind. Channels 299, 284, 351, 354, etc. all worked." That meant we got video and audio. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I still struggle to explain why we didn`t get a better signal than 70. I set it up (again) in front of my home and I got 94% on channel 284 (NBCHD) and 84% on 299 with no fiddling (I just bolted it back into the base after my wife made me take it down last weekend.) I now know about rain fade as in one of the worst downpurs ever ( a Thunderstorm last night) I saw it drop 10 points on both channels.

tico, I'm certainly interested in another Moon shot if you've got it figured. I"d love coorberation of my data. I'm leaning towards a 5X8 multiswitch as I'll probably keep the Lake Cable option available - especially as they say they will soon have High Speed Internet (I expect it too will work with dioplers????). If I go with the Phillips ($31) I can get all the dioplers from Princess Auto for $3 each at the same time. It`s rated at about -30 degrees F outdoors but the Aspen is indoors only. I have already targeted an outside plug where I`ll mount it in a covered box (not sealed). My neighbor is not 100% sure the tech will work (retired Fireman) so he`s not going to dig any trenches over to his property until he sees this all working 100% at the Cabin. So I guess I`ll need some terminators if open connectors leak signal or get interference. I plan to use Ideal F type compression connectors (and their O ring type if I can find them again) with shrink tubing over all outside connections.

classicsat, I`ve never heard of Flooded RG6 but I`ll check into it. We are not trenching in or near the Lake though. We`ll cross the road almost immediately from the pole and the trench / conduit will be alongside the road nearest the lots (just above a sewer line we know is there). I`m uncertain we`d need anything more elaborate than outdoor Quad Shield RG6 in sealed plastic conduit but if you know a good reference please advise a link.

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