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Excellent pics jim.

I'm kind of happy and heartbroken at the same time seeing the scale of the in field investigation you did. Some people will post and never try anything that is suggested -- just keep asking hoping they will get the answer they want without any work. I'm happy to see that you are definitely not one of those. I'm also disappointed that you've done all that work without a solid result...yet.

We are getting real close to sun transit times - and one more shot at the moon in September if you are interested.

As far as the multiswitch, I use the Eagle Aspen 5X8 w/o any issues. Mounting on an outside wall is a little frightening. You need a power connector going to it. Also, be advised that they are not watertight. Water can run through the center of any unconnected RG port and get inside. On the plus side, they do throw off a bit of heat so condensation shouldn't be an issue. I would mount it inside a watertight enclosure or at least a sheltered location, and ensure that all ports have something connected (you can buy terminators, or make some from ends of coax).
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