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I got my Camera back so here's the plan and photos. We are going to install a pole / dish beside the old Round one that was getting 60% maximum signal. Then we'll run the cables inside a conduit beside the road about 18 inches deep back to the Cabin. I then plan to install a Multiswitch on the outside wall =>a Phillips SDW5058 or Eagle Aspen S-4180-GX+, or a Zinwell SAM-4803 => I haven't decided which one => comments / preferences please.

The neighbor and I temporarily mounted a 60e Dish and got 70% signal strength, but we were only 5 feet high. I hope for better results with a higher pole.


See how small our temporary pole was. (But it was dead level!)

I ran the test cable (we will be using outdoor rated Quad Shield RG6) so that it was 330+ feet from the dish to the reciever with minimal impact to signal strenght numbers. (The wind had more impact!) This white cable is indoor dual shield rated so we only used it for testing losses as my Brother in Law bought a 1,000 foot box.

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