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My question is similar. I have a 530 and a 505. I have ordered the 630 (reading here today, I see that I have to call "for the deal") My dilemma's are as follows:

if I opt to return the 530 for the 630, I should be fine for amount of lines.
if I opt to keep the 530+630 I will need a multiswitch?
if I opt to keep all 3, then I definitely need the multi switch .

My main problem I guess is that when the installer hooked up my sat, my 530 went through the crawl space and up to my living room, but the other line (505) was tied into a locked cable box located inside my garage. I believe this is where there is a splitter determining which outlet to be used (ie bed 1, 2, or 3). I do not have a key for this box. Do I just drill the lock out, or if I'm adding lines, I would need an installer anyways, and he should be able to open???

Thanks, still trying to determine if I need the 2 pvr's or not. Those who have a pvr in bedroom, is it used much? or more for lets watch the girls gone wild on hdtv before bed?

Btw hoping not to hijack this thread. sorry

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