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The whole "long distance" policy really is BS these days.
All traffic is routed over IP for long distance transfers, making the cost next to nothing. Yet they charge double (or more) for you being a few km away from who you're calling.

Anyways, i'll save the rant

As said, with robelus you're going to pay long distance if you're calling a number outside the local-area designation of the tower you're connected to.
Regardless of where you are, if your number's "home" is out of the local calling area for someone trying to reach you, they will pay long distance. This is true for any carrier.

However, I'm glad Wind has it far better with the implementation of long distance.
If you're in Ontario, a call to Ontario is local.
It's only long distance if you call out of province/country numbers.
If you are in AB and call AB, local. Etc.
And this also applies when in roaming. It's 25c/min, but only 25c/min. Not 25+40 because you're calling 10km down the road from you.
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