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In my case, I'm seeking a bi-directional UHF/VHF, to pick up the wide scatter in my reception area, thus the reason you never see reflectors used in my trials. Because of the scatter, the higher gain antennas seem to give me headaches with multipath.

I originally tried 16"x 2" slot in the post#6 test and it seemed to work on UHF but not VHF. When I opened the slot to 4" I had good result for VHF & UHF. But, as 300ohm has shown, opening the slot width for VHF may have comprimised UHF gain.

I think this aperture antenna idea may have significant merit in the OTA world with some creative tuning efforts by this forum community, whether it's made using a tube style or a flat screen style.

The ones shown in the OP & post#6 have merit in my case, because my interest is to organize the multi-direction scatter that I have lurking around my reception area.

On another note of interest: I mounted a dummy Stealth Hawk [no connections] approx 2" above the antenna shown in post#6 but using the SH only as a passive element and it seems to significantly mellow out the signal strengths [mellow meaning no multipath created dropouts or pixelations on any channels]. So this may indicate that passive elements may be place above or below such as the Narods that were designed to do with the GH antennas.

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