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Even though I CAN still access BOTH and from Canada with Google's Chrome browser (but not IE7 or Firefox) and I DON'T use a VPN service, I still prefer to use other websites to see what titles are available for streaming on Here are the .com ones I use:

1) feedfliks (my favourite)
2) thenowhereman
3) instantwatcher

I only have dial-up and currently use (has Blu-rays) and Cinemail (No Blu-rays) as my DVD-by-mail services (I don't have a Blu-ray player). Cinemail gets many of the US Imports and older titles faster than Zip, but Zip has more titles available overall (even though many of them don't get ordered for many months or years after the last copy goes missing). is NOT owned by Netflix or Rogers. Zip bills itself as "Canada's Netflix," but that is just to attract attention, much in the same way that I bill myself as one of Celine Dion's chauffeurs. Zip is actually owned by Momentous (Rob Hall) as is Rogers Video Direct which is just a branded white label version of Zip (at least that's what it looks like, anyway). Zip is planning to offer its streaming and downloading service this Fall (just like it's been hoping to do as far back as 2006).

I hate not being able to post links, but according to a marketnews article: Firmware updates will allow the Netflix streaming-enabled devices to work in Canada. It's just a simple "flick of the switch" to enable the service in Canada.


"If they turn the switch on [for Canada], customers will have full access to that library of movies," a representative from Sharp Canada confirmed to Marketnews contributor Frank Lenk earlier this year.

Toshiba Canada's Lindsay Takashima told us a few months ago that Toshiba was "working closely" with providers in the U.S. like Netflix, and was hopeful that something would happen by the Fall. "It's just a question of them working out the distribution rights."

"The difference between Canada and the U.S. in our products," added LG Canada's Frank Lee, "is a firmware update. Even last year's models can be easily brought up to speed as soon as services are available."
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