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Originally Posted by MarcP View Post
I would love nothing more than to see a battle emerging between net content providers and ISP caps. Something needs to give, but one side needs a strong front to battle the ISPs. I hope the coming of Netflix can spearhead this movement to unshackle consumers.
Given that most of the largest ISPs (Rogers, Bell, Shaw) are also BDUs in cable or satellite they are going to fight like hell to try to strangle these sorts of services.

Think of this from Rogers' perspective - do you want someone to cancel their cable, depriving you of $50-$100/ month in revenue and start using tons more bandwidth on your internet service which could increase your costs. It is a lose-lose proposition for them - less revenue and higher expenses.

And when you consider the fact that CRTC has never really shown the propensity to have any cojones to protect the consumer (at least they haven't in issues like CableCard, active firewire ports, enforcement of CGMS-A flags, etc) then I am not optimistic that this will be a real option for those who watch lots of TV.
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