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Not much TELUS can do about the shortage of the AMOLED screens, the question is, is the Sony Super LCD better/worse???.

HTC Desire for Telus shipping with Sony LCD display, not AMOLED
By Michelle Ruhfass • July 15, 2010

HTC will have to switch many if not all of its phones from AMOLED displays to LCDs due to a supply crisis at Samsung, Korean cell carrier KT said this week. Samsung's insistence on reserving the already scarce supply for the Super AMOLEDs in the Galaxy S has left HTC with no choice but to use LCDs for the Desire, Droid Incredible and Nexus One, three of its most important phones. The current shortfall was enough to push back the Korean Nexus One launch a month to July.

All of the phones will instead use Sony's high-grade Super TFT LCD to dampen any perceived loss in quality.

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