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Originally Posted by Moose57 View Post
Nice pic.
Draw a line across the plane of the face of the dish.
Then from the LNB to the centre of the dish.
The satellite will be above the centre perpendicular at the SAME angle as the lower line from LNB to centre you drew.
They are called offset dishes rather than prime focus.
The bird is deceiving mugh higher in the sky than the plave of the dish might indicate.

Judging by your pic, looks like you have plenty of clearance.

Thanks for the input. Below is an attempt to mark up a similar photo as you described. (The Blue Arrow with the red dashes points to the Bird.) Notice the Pole used to support thte Dish assembly is really not close to vertical. I remember it looked a couple degrees off in each plane when I took the photos, and I checked it again against the lake level in the photo. So the vectors drawn would be off by a similar amount when transposed unless my Pole turns out to be off just the same Also, as I mentioned before the terrain in the 300 Feet I see behind our Cabin is quite a bit higher than this neighbor sees.

Tico, I called my Mom tonight and she said there was a cloud over Harper Mountain today () and now she is concerned the sun is so bright when it's not cloudy she may not see the moon. Perhaps the moon would be in position later at night (10 PM ish?) in August...

I'm thinking I might make a sextant @ 31° and use a compass for Azimuth (magn.): 148.5° and check it out when I go in August.

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