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Here, end of July - starting with useful data (on about the 28th) up to where it becomes useless again (Aug 1st - elevation way too high). I threw one Jupiter in there on the 31st - might be useful, even if a bit too high in elevation.


July 28:
04:50 165deg @ 29.75 deg
05:10 170deg @ 30.5 deg

July 29:
05:25 162deg @ 33 deg
05:45 168deg @ 35.5 deg

July 30:
06:00 159.5 deg @ 39 deg
06:33 170 deg @ 41 deg

July 31:
07:00 164.5 deg @ 45 deg + Jupiter 167deg @ 38 deg

Aug 1:
07:47 165 deg @ 50 deg

After that, you will be SOL for the moon until near the end of August - (around the 24th or so), but Jupiter will pass close every night for pretty much the whole month of August. After that, the sun will start getting close near the end of Sept through to Mid to Late October.

PS. I never checked the phase of the moon on any of these dates - I hope that they it is not crescent on the good dates.
PPS. I saw your posts in another thread regarding the new bird...It'll be in the same orbital slot so no worries here on the install side of things...
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