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Hey there Jimsathome,

Might not be ideal because of the daylight viewing hours - Wednesday is not really useful - too close to the sun, and too high in the sky. Here are some numbers for Thursday - a little high, but you should be able to figure it out if you have a constant view of it during this time. The first number is close to the elevation, but too far east, the middle number is close to the proper azimuth, but a little too high. The last number is past the useful azimuth, and even a bit higher.

On Friday there is a pretty good azimuth/elevation combo and it's even a bit low so you know if you see that you've got it for sure.

Thursday, July 15:

18:00 Montreal Time (15:00 BC Time) - moon at 148 Deg @ 33 deg elevation.
19:00 Montreal Time (16:00 BC Time) - moon at 165 Deg @ 36 deg elevation.
19:14 Montreal Time (16:14 BC Time) - moon at 170 Deg @ 37 deg elevation.

Friday July 16:

19:30 Montreal Time - Moon at 161 deg @ 30 Deg elevation
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